Next DIA webinar to explore staffing issues and automation options

Some have characterized these current, challenging times as “The Great Resignation.” It’s no secret that the pandemic has resulted in a significant lack of available labour – through resignations, layoffs and retirements. But what are the options to combat this situation and keep your business thriving? Automation is another major strategy. Retaining current staff and attracting new talent to our industry is another. This session will answer key questions. What are the costs of automation? How successful is it? How quickly can it be implemented, customized an ROI be realized?  How do you keep and train the labour pool you already have? What opportunities are there for government funding? 

The Digital Imaging Association (DIA) has brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss these issues and examine the options. This timely one-hour webinar titled Staffing Chaos: What Are Your Options? will take place on Wednesday, November 17 at 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time. An outstanding panel of industry experts will discuss options for printers and vendors during this time of staffing chaos, and offer helpful suggestions and workable solutions backed by successful real-life experiences. To register for this timely one-hour webinar, please click the link below. There’ll also a Q&S session.

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