Jukebox installs an HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press to expand its creative print services

HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press

Jukebox Print, a global web-to-print provider of uniquely creative print products, with locations in Vancouver and Toronto, has acquired its first HP Indigo digital press – a 7-colour HP Indigo 7900 Digital – as it grows and expands its range of print products. Supplying to customers in 128 countries in the past year alone, the online company is experiencing rapid growth thanks to creative trendsetting driven by the popularity of its YouTube and Pinterest channels. Jukebox chose the HP Indigo solution to sustain growth and enhance product offerings with special inks and media on a much more productive and cost-effective platform.

Loredo Rucchin

“Complex designs that push the boundaries of print require complicated print processes that can be produced faster on our new HP Indigo 7900 Digital Press in quality that actually surpasses offset,” said Loredo Rucchin, Founder and CEO of Jukebox. “We’ll pass on this value to our customers who’ll be amazed by the quality and value for these high-impact pieces.” Jukebox specializes in printing on unique, stand-out substrates for a full range of commercial print products such as stickers, business cards, brochures, folders, coasters and hang tags, gift cards, greeting cards, wedding invitations and more. Headquartered in Vancouver, Jukebox supplies a wide range of products for leading world brands, including uniquely produced stickers. Most of its buyers are from the younger generation and make nearly all of their purchases with PayPal. “PayPal is just what they expect when they’re buying online,” Rucchin added.

The new 19-inch HP Indigo 7900 has special capabilities to create raised and textured effects, and can print on thick substrates including synthetics, and paperboard up to 22 point (550 microns/650gsm) using ‘One Shot’ printing. The 7-colour press, capable of reaching 97% of Pantones, prints with more than 20 specialty inks – including high-opacity premium white, fluorescents pink, yellow and green, HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver for a gamut of metallics, and ElectroInk Easy Release ink for scratch-off applications.

Rucchin personally drives the creativity and innovation in Jukebox print design. Currently, the most popular product is the wedding destination invitation. The new HP Indigo 7900 Press was chosen as the first step in Jukebox’s transition to HP digital printing to continue to deliver on Jukebox’s passion for delivering distinct print, Rucchin added. “Since we’ve been in business, white is the most popular colour of ink. Customers even want to print white on white for wedding invitations and special invitations. White ink requires a complicated process, requiring die cuts that are costly and time consuming, but can now be digitally printed in one pass on the Indigo.”

Jukebox Pride Stickers

A popular trend now is printing white on the range of G.F.S. Smith Colorplan papers that come in 55 colours. White on kraft paper is also popular, especially with its sustainability advantages. Rucchin said that his company would expand its services by adding variable-data printing using special inks and the HP Indigo 7900. One group Jukebox serves is the professional biking circuit, and it will use the Indigo to print numbers with fluorescent inks on synthetic substrates for cyclists. Since launching in 2010, Jukebox has served over 100 LGBTQ+ organizations and initiatives across North America. In June for Pride Month, Jukebox gifted anyone in Canada and the USA with a pride-themed sticker pack.

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