Best of Bindery Series Part 7: Automated die cutting with an extensive amount of hand folding  

As we mentioned last month, automated folding technology today has reached unprecedented levels of sophistication. Automation has also resulted in significantly reduced costs – especially for longer runs. The die-cut, folded samples I selected below also require an extensive amount of skilled hand-folding as the final step. However, the final result will prove to be extremely rewarding from a creative point of view – and will definitely impress your customers. Please keep them in mind the next time you want to add that special touch to any printed piece. These are just a few of the literally dozens of cutting and folding options currently available.
3-Stage or 4-Stage Telescope Folder
Elasticized Hexagon Pop-Up
Pop-up Mailer with Sleeve
Projector Flipper Book
Self-Folding Map

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