Significans Automation and Otto Motors partner to bring robotics to the printing and packaging industries

The Otto 1500 V2 Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Otto Motors, the industrial division of Clearpath Robotics (Kitchener, Ontario) and a leading provider of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for production environments, has signed a partnership agreement with Significans Automation (Burlington, Ontario) to bring AMR material-handling technology to the commercial printing and packaging industries in North America. With the partnership, Significans Automation (which specializes in delivering ultra-efficient, next-generation automation to printing and packaging companies) will now be able to offer its customers an effective, end-to-end solution with the addition of Otto Motors’ flexible and intelligent AMRs for the handling of materials. AMRs are advanced robots designed to transport raw and work-in-progress materials throughout a factory floor in pedestrian-heavy areas, and have been proven to be more efficient and cost-effective than humans, conveyors or fixed-path transporters. Plus, Otto AMRs were found to cost only 10% of a full-time equivalent for manual cart movement – and only 20% of the costs associated with a driver and forklift.

Marc Raad

Both Significans Automation and Otto Motors are currently working together to introduce this uniquely designed cutting-edge technology. “Significans went through an extensive search to find the right robotics partner,” said Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation. “We recognized the tremendous power and flexibility of Otto’s single grid to control every robotic process in the environment. It’s one grid, one integration, and one truly unified production platform.” Rick Baker, CRO of Otto Motors, added: “As the print and packaging industries move towards automation, material handling remains one of the most challenging processes to automate. Implementing an intelligent, flexible and scalable material-handling system with autonomous mobile robots can help solve this problem.”

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