Agfa launches synthetic paper that’s protected against bacteria and viruses

Agfa (Mortsel, Belgium) has announced the market launch of its Synaps Xerographic Matt (XM) Synthetic Paper that includes an agent that “antagonizes” the settlement and growth of bacteria and viruses on its surface. The agent remains active for the entire life of the synthetic paper and also protects print areas that are covered with toner. Its efficiency (up to 99.99%) has been proven through independent ISO 20743 and ISO 18184 tests. This new type of Synaps XM replaces the current XM product range while fully preserving its excellent print quality, anti-static properties and universal printer compatibility.

Synaps is a polyester-based print media developed, manufactured and marketed by Agfa. It comes in two versions based on distinct print technology for offset and electro-ink (Synaps OM) and xerography or dry toner (Synaps XM). Both OM and XM products are available in a variety of thicknesses, and OM also includes a self-adhesive type. The use of Synps is driven by applications that require indoor or outdoor durability without the need for lamination – such as tags, signage, labels, posters, menu cards and more.

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