Bobst launches Masterline Dro Rotary Die-Cutting System

Bobst Masterline Dro Rotary Die-Cutting System

Incorporating the latest Bobst technology including 10 patents, the Bobst Masterline Dro “will equip converters with the most versatile, most automated, connected and highly ergonomic solution on the market,” according to the OEM. The new die-cutting system enables exceptional productivity reaching an output of more than 40 million square meters (430 million square feet) per year, combining high-volume production on simple boxes and added-value packaging with qualitative printing and die-cutting. The rotary die-cutter also features high quality inside-outside printing in a single pass, complex die-cutting capabilities and quick changeovers on the full line. “Combining digitalization, connectivity and automation, it promises to pave the way for a new era in box making.”

The extremely high quality provided by the Masterline Dro is consistent for each item and boxes benefit from a 15% improvement in the Box Compression Test (BCT), which alone represents huge potential savings on paper. Two quality control systems enable perfect printing register consistency during set-up or during production: Start & Go technology provides fully automatic set-up for multicolour jobs with automatic compensation of cliché irregularity with only 11 sheets. Lead & Print technology guarantees print-to-print and print-to-cut consistency with proactive compensation of cardboard irregularity during production. A built-in dust collection system ensures print quality and a die-cutting efficiency that ejects over 99.9% of die-cut waste. Users can handle the entire line with simple and intuitive operation, and with ultra-quick changeovers from pre-feeder to palletizer. Its robust, heavy-duty design means a reduced amount of wear to machine parts. If maintenance is required, standardized spare parts, an intuitive maintenance menu and easy access to all parts of the machine, make maintenance highly cost-efficient.

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