Significans, Tilia and Infigo partner to release free online web-to-print resource

Created by UK-based Infigo Software, Significans Automation (Burlington, Ontario) and Tillia Labs (Ottawa, Ontario), Web Connect+ will host regular online events (and provide powerful demonstrations at industry exhibitions), giving printers the opportunity to ask any question (from high-level background to in-depth technical queries) about adopting a more efficient web-to-print strategy.

Marc Raad

Marc Raad, President of Significans Automation, said: “I really think we are at a tipping point in society with e-commerce, AI and web-to-print. Unfortunately, printers who don’t push the boundaries of automation will be left behind their competitors. This will be a great forum to learn more about what web-to-print can do, and de-mystify a lot of the technicalities, while also sharing what’s possible and what could be possible in the future. I’m sure the value and insights we share through the Web Connect+ community over the coming years will be a game-changer for a lot of print businesses around the globe.”

During the free sessions, Web Connect+ experts will give valuable and actionable advice on:

• Exactly how a web-to-print platform works – from creating storefronts to integrating with your other systems, to streamlining and automating a range of manual processes

• The increasing role that AI and automation are playing in all industries and how those slow to adopt will lose significant ground

• The flexibility of web-to-print, regardless of the sectors you serve (from label printers to wide-format)

• How, with the right platform and integrations, you can reduce touchpoints as well as processing time from days to mere minutes

• Why mass personalization is increasingly important for a range of marketing activities, and how variable data, fed into web-to-print, can help your clients achieve this goal

• How end-to-end automation is possible, which means you can receive and process orders 24/7

• How web-to-print gives your business a global presence and a highly competitive edge

• The pitfalls to avoid – from choosing the right platform, the importance of having a business strategy, and appointing a business ‘champion’ to drive the project forward

• Why web-to-print isn’t about short-term profits but about positioning your business for growth in the coming decades

• How web-to-print can significantly reduce your overhead costs and your businesses’ impact on the environment

• The role web-to-print can play in combating supply-chain issues

• How a range of print providers have achieved growth through web-to-print

To find out more about the Web Connect+ series of virtual events, you can follow the dedicated LinkedIn group page and check out the group’s first helpful webinarThe Benefits of a Complete Connectivity Turnkey Solution, which will take place Tuesday, June 21, 2022.

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