Standard unveils Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark V Saddlestitcher

Standard Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark V Saddlestitcher

Standard Finishing Systems (Andover, MA) has released its new Horizon iCE StitchLiner Mark V Saddlestitcher. The Mark V is specifically designed to run inline or near-line with high-speed, roll-fed digital presses. It can output at speeds of up to 6,000 booklets/per hour. Individual sheets are tightly folded along scoring lines for consistent quality, even with high page counts or variable page-count applications. Variable production on the Mark V is fully automated, requiring no operator intervention. The system can also automatically change stitch length, belt and roller pressure, and registration control in the trimmer based on page count. Compatible with iCE LiNK, a cloud-based workflow management system from Horizon International, the Mark V can handle sheet sizes up 20” x 14” and produce a wide range of booklet sizes – including A4 Landscape.

Dual creasing rollers at the in-feed, crease every sheet individually before they’re folded and accumulated, making tight, flat booklets and increasing folding accuracy. Individual sheet creasing and stream folding eliminates the need for sub-setting on higher page counts, thus increasing productivity for booklets as high as 200 pages. The Mark V also supports an optional dual-bin cover feeder. This cover feeder can merge covers into the print stream without affecting production speed. Additionally, up to 3 dual-bin feeders can be combined in one system allowing for the pre-staging of covers and the option to interpose up to 3 sheets anywhere within the booklet.

David Reny

“The StitchLiner Mark V is a welcome addition to our proven line of saddlestitchers,” said David Reny, Executive Vice President at Standard Finishing Systems. “The level of automation that our manufacturing partners at Horizon have introduced to the system makes for a highly productive, operator-friendly system that can seamlessly handle variable-count applications and easily keep up with the latest generation of roll-fed digital presses.”

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